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Please submit the digital copy of your thesis along with the Submission of Digital Thesis form to thesesupload curtin. Degree of Master by Research. Project selection At the start of your final year there are two important tasks you must accomplish in any order: What if the thesis contains published material.

If your report does not conform to their expectations you will be able to rectify it in time. Final examination outcome and approval to graduate After being satisfied that the external examination process is complete, your Thesis Chairperson will make a recommendation to the Faculty Graduate Studies Committee FGSC.

This determination must take into account the content and context of the reports i. These must be done to the satisfaction of the Chairperson. The examiners are also required to assess the thesis in relation to your stated thesis objectives. If your thesis contains material which you have published, the publisher agreement is likely to contain restrictions on how you can use the material.

It will specify interdependencies of tasks, critical work elements and schedule. No amendments If the examiners have pointed out minor typographical errors, these must be corrected. In your own interests, the draft report should be as complete as possible so that your supervisor can give you useful feedback.

Making your thesis publicly available via espace allows more exposure for your research. Introduction — this should give the motivation for the project. This enables the results of your research to be made publicly available.

In an engineering ethos. Graduating and receiving your award When the University Graduate Studies Committee has classified your thesis as passed, your name will be placed on the graduation list for Conferral of the Award by the Council of the University.

In this epilogue, istep back from a latin course reader. Full references with page numbers are required. You should expect to include this section with only minor modifications in the final report.

We propose here that I could learn. This will usually occur because of security concerns or commercial arrangements.


It is available at: Ensure your final thesis title is the same as that on your student record. It should also include a description of how you designed, built and evaluated your system.

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The Chairperson will either find that there is 1 substantial agreement among the examiners, or, in the event of 2 no clear weight of opinion, will recommend the appointment of an Adjudicator. The bauhaus philosophy reaffirmed the architect is expected to take place. You will be formally assessed on the progress report, the final report, and the project presentation and poster.

The Graduate Research School will advise you of this and therefore you do not have to complete an Application to Graduate. References should be written in correct format.

The following is an explanation of the forms that you will need in submitting your thesis. Examination process The examiners review the thesis in terms of your understanding of the field of study, your ability to conceive, plan and conduct a program of research, the originality of your work and the significance of the contribution you have made to that field.

These are only suggestions of suitable topics and there is no requirement that you must select one of these. You may need to submit a redacted copy if your thesis contains third party copyright material for which you have not been able to secure permission or if your thesis contains Intellectual Property restrictions, cultural, political, or other sensitive information which you cannot make public.

Thesis Submission FYP2 Final reports should be submitted using soft binding binding facilities are available in the University. The examination process Examination panel Approximately three months before the anticipated date of completion, as determined by you and your supervisor, the Faculty Graduate Studies Committee will appoint your examiners.

If you are awarded a pass, you will be advised that your have approval to graduate. Theses Binding Above right is a list of companies with their location and phone number that provide binding facilities for these. Guide to Projects Log Book It is a requirement that all students undertaking a project complete a logbook.

Washington, dc coalition for juvenile justice. Appeals Against Classification of Thesis BINDING AND DISTRIBUTION OF THESIS COPIES to Curtin University of Technology Academic Award Structures Policies and Procedures). All students must observe Curtin's.

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This section will guide you in your thesis submission. It is recommended that you review the guidelines for Submission of Thesis for Examination. Queries related to procedures for submitting your thesis should be directed to the Thesis Examination Officer.

Guidelines, advice and title page information for the submission of your master or doctoral thesis as a higher degree by research student at Curtin University. Guidelines and advice for preparing your thesis as a higher degree by research student at Curtin University.

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Curtin University Version Security Classification: PUBLIC CRICOS Provider Code J. Thesis Permanent Binding Instructions. Higher Degree by Research Students Author: Catherine Martin Created Date.

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