Writing alternate universe fanfiction

In "After the End", Harry's fifth year ended with his mentor Albus Dumbledore 's death, which did not happen in Order of the Phoenix, but, coincidentally, did happen in the following novel.

In a similar fashion, several Star Trek episodes feature a " Mirror Universe " containing a very different history of events. If I were Brendon Urie, I would want a written apology from everyone who had so much as clicked the link.

Try making a list of your ideas - what might each character face that is particular to their world. The plot, characters, world, and idea are all completely original, having nothing to do with the characters in the movie mentioned above.

Likewise, book series Heroes in Real Harsh World and Trendy Baba Series by Mohit Trendster explore multiple story angles of different Indian comic book superheroes with experimental backdrops and contrasting elements.

With an attentive eye to detail and nuance in canon and enough writing skill, fan-work can increase the appreciation one has for the original media. A steamy steam engine. But he chose not to. If there are compelling reasons to change canon or even characterization in a certain way, the AU will be successful in exploring canon and characterization, and thus successful as fanfic, even if it is diverging widely.

Alternate Universe Fanfiction and How to Write It!

They're also much better friends than they show "on screen" in the cartoon. There are two kinds of PoD stories: Others are called "denial-fics" because they ignore certain pivotal events in a given canon.

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They're still animated just as they are in their respective television series, but they're treated like normal people. IMO, of course, and it would depend on how similar your version was.

No idea is inherently bad or boring in and of itself, or at least I would like to believe so. The mysterious editor failed to mention the bizarre situation, or the deeply disturbing acts described.

For instance, the wild west can be swapped for a futuristic outer space setting, or historical characters can be placed in a modern world.

Alternative universe (fan fiction)

While an AU is about difference, it's still a fic. In the Lego Bionicle storyline, there are many alternative universes created whenever a character makes a decision or an event happens. The author notes that they want Sirius Black to live but do not want to resort to bringing him back from the dead.

However the chances of success are higher if the change is connected to the universe and its mythology somehow, because then the divergence will make more sense to the readers, and involve them to a larger extent. However if the changes are arbitrarily or pointless the AU will fail, even if the changes are small.

A steamy steam engine that has no academic professionalism and is more than a tad ethically suspect. Plot switch[ edit ] Plot switch stories take the characters from a series and place them in another time, place, or situation.

Alternative universe (fan fiction)

They are similar, but unrelated. AU fanfics create virtually limitless possibilities. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan series the world of dreams, and the Mirror Worlds which represent what could have been had various events in history happened in different ways.

My goal was to show that there can and should be AUs that are radically different, but that their difference from canon needs to make sense in the framework the show gives to us. There are however other examples for this, like Debra Fran Bakers Queen. I agree that calling those cameo bits "parody" might also be a solution.

When choosing an AU where Jim never had sentinel senses, it will get more difficult.

How to Write Fanfiction

Alternate Universe- "Alternate Universe (often abbreviated as "AU") is a descriptor used to characterize fanworks which change one or more elements of the source work's canon.

The term most often refers to fanfic, but fanart can also invoke AU tropes (for example, steampunk versions of universes).

How to Construct Alternate Universes that Work as Fanfic by Rat Creature. 1. Why some (even weird) AUs work as fanfic, and others don't. In this and other forums there are regularly discussions about the merits and pitfalls of "Alternate Universe" fanfic. If you're writing fanfiction and uploading it to a public archive, then you are writing because you want an audience to read it.

Finding that audience is the first part; convincing them to try your story is the second part; keeping them reading is the third part. Avoiding Mistakes in Fanfiction Writing: A Beginner's Guide by Valis2 then by all means take the letters AU and apply them soundly to the description of your fanfiction.

AU stands for Alternate Universe, and that is where you can invent all sorts of unique scenarios. Draco Malfoy in "The Prince and The Pauper".

What kind of alternate universe do you want for Naruto? Where will this story go next? You have the following choices: 1. A world without Male ninja only female ninja.

2. A world without Nartuo. Someone else will suffer! All elonghornsales.com images are copyrighted and may not be copied / modified in any way.

Dec 10,  · Generally inspired by the Star Trek alternate universe episode, you could write a fanfiction that takes place in a mirror universe, where characters are an evil twin version of their official selves.

Adding a beard or goatee to your characters to signify their evilness can be fun, but isn't necessary.


If the book you're writing 89%(46).

Writing alternate universe fanfiction
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